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Durham Tan Bull Collection

HeathLeaf Durham Tan Bull Collection. This Durham bull tan design will never disappoint. Order your Durham Tan Bull shirt designs to look your best. Tan Bull t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies & more for men, women, and children. Need a bull shirt to show your love of Durham? This tan bull shirt collection is perfect.

Are you ready to show your love for Durham NC with a unique bull design? Well, you don't need to look any further than our bull city tan bull design. This trendy and full figured bull is a HeathLeaf original. With a textured looking design, this tan bull turns heads. Durham, NC's bull icon has a rich history in Bull City, and this collection follows this tradition.
Our bull's history in Durham is simple and humorous. J.R. Green's success during the tobacco boom in Durham was searching for a logo for his Durham Tobacco Company. It is rumored that a British Coleman Mustard jar inspired Green to use a bull logo, and the brand became the first nationally recognized brand in tobacco and grew to become the largest tobacco brand in the world after the turn of the century. In Durham, we believe the bull logo along with a stellar marketing campaign put Durham on the map nationally. Thus, an icon in our city was born.
Although not physically textured, the bull sports a textured look. An important feature in fashion designing, texture constitutes a necessity in modern fashion. Texture affects the look of a garment, even if the texture is only design, and influences all who view the piece. With its own charm and special character, a textured look adds an alluring characteristic to your style. Additionally, let's not forget the tan color. Tan adds a relaxing mood to any attire. It's calming effect influences the wearer and helps keep you grounded. The tan bull figure not only represents a love for bull city. It also shows off your fashion sense and propels your style to the next level. A slight blend of colors appeals to all that view these pieces. Currently available in t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tank tops, and children options, there is a garment for all styles. With infant, toddler, and older children shirts, your kids can show their love for our city just like an adult.
Hand drawn and digitally translated, we take pride in the care it took to design this image. The positive response for this design has been overwhelming, and we are sure this trend will persist for years to come. Also offered with a gray design, this tan textured looking bull represents a trendy piece to be treasured for years to come. This tan bull is a perfect fit for your Durham attire.

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