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Geometric Bull Head Collection

The Durham Geometric Bull Head T-Shirt represents love for Bull City. Show off your love for Durham, NC, and wear the Durham Geometric Bull Head Shirt with pride. With the head of the famous Durham bull, this particular Durham bull will show off your fashion and display love for Durham. Mens and women's Durham Bull.

Half outline of a regular bull, and half an outline with a geometric pattern, our geometric bull design catches the eye of all who see. Geometric patterns are all the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. With a modern spin on design, this unique design has been painstakingly crafted. For the fashion-forward and Bull City residents alike, showing off this Durham geometric bull shows you are hip to the times.
Generally, the pattern can be both a naturally occurring order, or a manmade design which predictively repeats. Widespread in nature and in art, geometric patterns have a diverse presence. In art, pattern decorations are formed to have a visual effect on the viewer. In apparel, patterns are used as a template for a varsity of clothing designs. Translated from a drawing to art, patterns such as these hold the viewer's attention and focus on the detail of the piece. Hand-drawn and translated into digital art, our geometric bull options add a special flair to your style.
Today, geometric patterns are a popular option for tattoos. Having existed since ancient times, this style of tattoo artwork has existed for millenniums. Mathematical patterns show truths that exist in nature and in tattoos, represents the sacred through religious and spiritual practices. It's easy to see how this translates to fashion. The visual appeal of these patterns in fashion makes it an easy style to be incorporated into our outfit.
Our design is different in the fact that it was inspired in Durham, NC. Our famous bull is prevalent in Bull City. Downtown Durham sports a 10-foot tall bronze bull sculpture and our popular murals adorn Durham's buildings. The famous snorting bull billboard present on the Durham Bulls baseball stadium is another unique piece of bull artwork serving as an icon in our community. Our popular geometric bull design adds to our cities' bull related artwork.
Available in t-shirts, long sleeve, tank tops, hoodies, and children options, there is a geometric bull design or any style. Cozy up in winter with long sleeves and hoodies, and keep it cool in summer with our t-shirts and tank tops. Your kids can join in as well with shirts for infants, toddlers, and older children. A natural place in any wardrobe, you likely already has some geometric patterns. This hand-drawn artwork reflects your personal style and shows off your love for Bull City.

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