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Durham But Did You Die Collection

Our Durham, But Did You Die shirts represent a humorous and famous saying for Bull City. Stop complaining about Durham and show your pride in Bull City. The Durham, But Did You Die apparel will always make you smile. Make all your friends laugh with this but did you die joke, and represent Durham at the same time.

Tell the haters to stop complaining about Durham in our Durham, But Did You Die? shirt. With all the hate surrounding Durham, let's push back on these claims with a smile on your face. If you are a fan of the Hangover movies, you are already aware of this famous saying. With 'but did you die?' sayings cropping up all over the internet, it seemed only natural to create one for Durham. 

Are you tired of the negative comments surrounding Durham, NC? It seems like every time someone references Durham, it seems to be stereotyped as crime-ridden. "Bring your bulletproof vest if you're going to Durham."
"Don't go to Durham unless you want to be shot."
"Durham dirty and full of poor people"
It seems like the city we love is being labeled incorrectly. Haters never seem to mention Durham's rich history and inspiring statistics. One first sit-in protests of the Civil Rights movement took place in Durham, where seven African-American men in the white-only booths in the Royal Ice Cream Parlour. Southcentral Durham was also known “Black Wall Street” late in the 1800s due to a large number of African-Americans entrepreneurs creating a number of successful businesses. Nowadays, Durham is number 1 in the nation for equal pay for women. Durham has 60 public parks with over 1,800 acres of green space and is home to over 300 health and medical related businesses.
A popular movie quote which has turned into an internet meme, the phrase did you die has humorous origins. In the movie, a passenger in a car asks the driver,
"How did you get a license if you drive like that?" The driver responds, "But did you die" and, "then you're complaining about nothing." Similar to the phrase CrossFit, but did you die, our Durham spin is a humorous version of this popular quote. The complaints about Bull City are rampant and mostly unfounded. The But Did You die shirt tells complainers to stop criticizing Bull City.
Durham is on the rise in North Carolina and is one of the most diverse cities in the state. With our relationship to Duke and RTP, Durham is a great place to get an education, and to work. Could the criticisms be related to our diversity? Either way, let's not face a problem with silence. Wear your Durham, But Did You Die shirt to let everyone know, you are proud of Bull City, and you are funny enough to reference a movie quote.

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