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2018 Fashion Do's and Don'ts - HEATHLEAF

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Have you already burned your 2018 clothes? Don't be late to the party wearing clothing from the past, and embrace a new season of style. With only a few months left in 2018, we're already seeing the fashion of the past and present, so how do you decide what's hot and what's not this year? We've rounded up the top 5 do's and don'ts this year to make sure you are on the top of your fashion game in 2018.

1. DON'T get stuck in your current style.

We're seeing people make this common mistake more and more. It's easy to stay comfortable in your current style, as you've already defined yourself with a unique fashion sense. Avoid this at all costs! Things are changing all the time, and your wardrobe is no exception. Do you want to show off as a trendsetter and fashionista, or do you want others looking at you as if you are stuck in the past? Don't bore your admirers with your old look. Step out of your comfort zone and throw together something you would usually not wear.

2. DON'T imitate.

Your style is unique. Although you should be changing it up every year, that doesn't mean you need to imitate a certain look. Again and again, we're seeing women who see a look broken down in a magazine, and piece together the same items. Good luck looking like you're hip to the latest trends. You and thousands of other women are doing this very thing, so be prepared to blend in with the crowd getting stuck in a copied look. Don't get stuck making this easily correctable mistake. If you see a look laid out, telling you can piece together the same thing, run for the hills and let everyone else bore all looking their way.

3. DON'T overspend.

Wearing the most expensive clothing will surely make you look stylish and impressive right? Well, think again! we're finding more and more women think that the money they spend directly correlates to how good they'll look. Don't be fooled by this marketing trick. Looking your best is not complicated. You'll soon find that wearing the right size defines your look much more than the money you spend. A $2,000 dollar dress might look good on your favorite celebrity, but if it doesn't fit you, you're not going to win any points. When shopping for your 2018 clothing, always remember, focus on your size, and not how expensive you look. A $15 dollar dress can look like it's worth a thousand bucks if it follows your curves, and defines your body type.

4. DON'T listen to the haters.

We all know how it goes. Once you start getting some fashion success, someone wants to bring you down to their level. They might question a bold move you make or scoff at a style that is too fashion-forward for them. However, you'll find that no matter what you wear, there will always be criticism. Experimentation is part of any developing fashion, and 2018 won't be any different. Don't be afraid to try something new for fear you might get some negative feedback. Always be true to yourself, and express your sense of fashion in your individual way.

5. DON'T give up.

While developing your 2018 look, you'll hit some bumps in the road. Looking fashionable in 2018 isn't always easy. You're not going to be able to get a whole wardrobe in 2 months. However, you must always remember that it is an ongoing process. A dress here, and a pullover there is all you need. There's no problem slowly building your wardrobe to define your style. Although some can buy up a whole store, most of us live on a budget, so trying to snap up everything in the stores will kill your pocketbook. Don't feel the need to purchase all your 2018 fashion at the beginning of each season. Keep an eye out for sales and you'll surely start building a wardrobe to suit your needs.

Keep these things in mind while shopping and piecing together your look. Although you might occasionally feel out of your comfort zone, you're better off being a little too fashion-forward than stuck in the past. Avoiding these easy mistakes will guarantee you'll be moving in the right direction, and you'll be rewarded with brand new confidence. Now that you know what to avoid this 2018 season, let's take a look at what we should do to keep up with the 2018 trends.

1. DO follow social media influencers.

When following fashion influencers, you are simply getting a heads up on what's hot. Remember not to imitate. Watching the red carpet on the Oscars might impress you, but you're going to gain much more useful information by watching the latest fashion trends unfold. You're going to see what's hot and what's not on an everyday basis, and you can start brainstorming on how to incorporate the looks into your personal style. Keep up with the latest 2018 trends by seeing what people are interacting with, and what people are ignoring.

2. DO browse browse browse.

Most of you reading this a likely already avid shoppers. Don't feel the need to purchase something every time you enter a store. Sometimes it's best to simply send your time hunting, and buy something only when it catches your fancy.
I've spent countless times looking through racks to get some inspiration. Use this knowledge to find or create your own look. When you know exactly what you want in your style, that's when you pull the trigger. Buying on impulse might be fun at the moment, but you'll gain much more insight and inspiration browsing for a look when trying to develop a style.

3. DO take advantage of online stores.

This might seem like a no-brainer. Although you'll be able to see the dress in person, you're missing out on variety. Shopping online allows you to find a plethora of options which you can find in a store. Online, you can type in exactly what you're looking for, and find the pieces that match your idea. However, don't just go by the stock images. Of course, the thin model sporting a cute outfit will look amazing, but how do you know what it will look like on a regular person? I find that website with images in the review give me a better idea of how the item will actually look, so I don't just rely on the companies' images. Occasionally you'll be disappointed with what actually comes in the mail if you can't see what the item looks like without image reviews. Thus, shopping online can give you a great selection, but make sure to see a reviewers image before purchasing.

4. DO leverage your friends' opinions.

If you're paying attention to this list, you're going to be taking some fashion risks in 2018. While most of the time this is a good thing, you're also going to hit some pitfalls. You can avoid some of these mistakes by simply getting a second option. Always judge to make sure your friends are as fashion forward as you so you know their opinion counts. Don't second guess yourself by letting your friends do the work for you. It's better to get a few weird looks from your friends than when you're trying to look your best out on the town.

5. DO you.

Finally, make sure to stay true to yourself when developing your new look. There's no need to force yourself into a bodycon dress if it's not your thing. Just because you're stepping out of your comfort zone does not mean you need to feel uncomfortable. What might be the latest new trend in 2018 might not be something that suits you? Your fashion sense is developed only by you, so always remember to trust yourself. Try something new, get ahead of the trends, and get a second opinion. But, what's most important is always that you are in control of your own fashion destiny.

We hope this list of the top 5 do's and don't in 2018 has helped you navigate through the fashion trends of 2018. It's not easy developing a fashion-forward ensemble, so keep these rules in mind before you show the world your unique take on 2018 fashion. Have your own fashion guidelines you follow? Make sure to comment below with your own do's and don'ts for this 2018 fashion year.


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